ZENIQ Blockchain – ZENIQ/TUPAN Minting – Is it worth investing in?

Despite declines in the cryptocurrency market, the blockchain industry continues to grow actively. Specialists build systems that can be the basis of the world of finance, insurance, property rights, and many other spheres of life in the future. Today I will introduce you to one of such systems. It is in the phase of dynamic development and additionally creates interesting investment opportunities. Let’s start the Zeniq blockchain project review.

For several years in the world’s market, it has been easy to notice several trends and related problems to be solved. Gradually, cash and traditional banking are being abandoned in favor of various types of IT systems (e.g. payment cards, Apple Pay, etc.), which are becoming the basis for the operation of many companies.

The blockchain industry fits well with these trends. However, many people feel that using cryptocurrencies is still too complicated or dangerous. The Zeniq blockchain Ecosystem meets these concerns. It creates technological solutions that simplify access to cryptocurrencies and at the same time increase their security. Many interesting products are created around the system, including investment products.

In this article, I will first introduce the company itself, together with its assumptions and goals, and describe the individual elements of the system. Finally, I will show you how to get involved in this project in order to receive passive income in the future.

ZENIQ – Information about the company

The ecosystem is created by ZENIQ Technologies Ltd. The organization was founded in 2018 with its idea but spread its wings at the end of 2020. The offices are located in Dubai, employing approximately 25 people. In addition, the company cooperates with approx. 50 programmers developing this project around the world.

ZENIQ – Goals and Mission

The goal of Zeniq is to merge the world of fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies by building a friendly and complete ecosystem that will simplify the use of cryptocurrencies. An important element is also the best possible protection of your client’s digital assets. Thanks to Zeniq solutions, each of us can become a bank for ourselves. Over time, the company also intends to create a safe place for digital investments and a leading cryptocurrency exchange.

zeniq blockchain
Zeniq 360′ Ecosystem

The Zeniq system aims to eliminate in the future the need to use typical intermediaries such as banks, insurers, or national regulators. The whole is based on Zeniq Hub hardware devices, which are safe wallets for digital currencies and fiat. These devices are the basis for the operation of Zeniq Blockchain.

An important element of the system will also be the Zeniq App mobile application, Zeniq Exchange, and Zeniq Smart Chain, where you can write your own applications based on smart contracts. The whole thing is also a platform for other projects. Tokenization, NFT creation, staking, metaverse, web3.0, cryptocurrency minting, and many more options are available.

I know that many of these concepts may be strange to you, so in the next chapter, I will try to describe the individual elements of this ecosystem as simply as possible.

ZENIQ – Elements of the project

The whole project consists of many products that gradually come together to become an increasingly attractive ecosystem for cryptocurrency projects. Several of them have already decided to rebuild their systems and transfer them from other blockchains (e.g. from Ethereum or from Waves) to the ZENIQ blockchain.


The main & native cryptocurrency in the ecosystem is Zeniq Coin. It is minted in the mining process by system users and will be used in the implementation of ZENIQ projects. Currently, Zeniq Coin is traded on two decentralized exchanges (PancakeSwap and UniSwap), and its price is around $0.08.

The value of the Zeniq Coin cryptocurrency may increase in the future for at least several reasons:

  • With the help of Zeniq Coin, it will be possible to pay for access to new products in the ecosystem.
  • Zeniq Exchange users will pay lower commissions if they use Zeniq Coin to pay for it.
  • Each transaction on the ZENIQ blockchain will burn a certain amount of Zeniq coins.
  • The number of coins minted will decrease over time (I will expand on the topic of halving in the next chapters).
  • 100% of the coins spent on commissions on the Zeniq Exchange will also be burned, which will reduce the supply.

So, the more popular an ecosystem is, the greater the value of Zeniq Coin should be. Its mechanism seems to be very similar to the BNB cryptocurrency linked to the Binance exchange. It is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies, with a value that has fluctuated from $6.30 in early 2019 to $690 in May 2021.

ZENIQ क्या है? ZENIQ कॉइन का रेट कब और कैसे बढ़ेगा? Possible $0.10 to $1000? Final Video on ZENIQ Price

Zeniq Hub – A safe wallet

In the world of cryptocurrencies, hacking attacks on cryptocurrency wallets, resulting in the theft of funds, can be a problem. This may be the case of the so-called hot wallets, i.e. those that have access to the Internet. Hardware wallets that are physically disconnected from the network (cold wallets) are much safer. The price for this, however, is the inability to quickly access funds or, for example, perform online transactions.

ZENIQ’s answer to this problem is to create the Zeniq Hub hardware device. The device looks like a tablet and combines a cold and hot wallet. These portfolios are located on separate technical components. The main computer is responsible for the hot wallet and gives access to the mobile application, exchange, and handles all transactions.

The cold wallet, on the other hand, is physically and logically separated from the main computer and disconnected from the internet. Both components communicate with each other via a secure connection. Thanks to this structure, our funds are very well protected and can be transferred to the hot wallet only for the duration of the transaction.

Zeniq Hub also acts as a masternode in the ZENIQ blockchain. It stores a complete copy of the blockchain ledger and takes on some additional network responsibilities. In other words, the Zeniq Hub is also a device that maintains the blockchain, creating a fully distributed system similar to Bitcoin.

So the Zeniq Hub does some work for the benefit of the entire network. Of course, he doesn’t do it for free, but he is rewarded with the Zeniq Coin cryptocurrency. So you can call the Zeniq Hub a Zeniq Coin cryptocurrency miner. Currently, a limited version of the Zeniq Hub “01” is available for sale. After it is exhausted, only Zeniq Hub “02” devices will be available, which will be deprived of the possibility of mining cryptocurrencies. The cost of purchasing the Zeniq Hub “01” is 1998 Euro.

ZENIQ Minting – Cryptocurrency mining process

The process of extracting new ZENIQ coins is called “minting”. For the Zeniq Hub to do this, it must be permanently connected to electricity and the internet (via WLAN or Ethernet cable). The power consumption does not exceed 40 watts. However, if you do not care about the other functions of the device and only want to mine Zeniq Coins, you can order a cheaper device called Minting Hub.

Minting Hub

Minting Hub, like the Zeniq Hub, acts as a masternode on the Zeniq network. It handles transactions and stores blockchain data and is rewarded for it in the form of ZENIQ coins. Unlike the Zeniq Hub, however, it is not a tablet-like device, but rather a hardware processor. It will not be delivered to you physically (although there is such an option, additionally payable), but it is located in the company’s centers and is fully maintained and operated by it.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about its configuration or take care of continuous access to electricity and the Internet. Minting Hub is still remunerated for its work, and you have exclusive, continuous, and unlimited access to all funds that will be in your wallet as a result of the minting.

Purchasing a Minting Hub is the primary way to invest in a project. From the first day after the purchase, it generates remuneration for you. The cost of the basic Minting Hub unit is 1499 Euros. However, you can buy a larger number of them in bulk or buy smaller shares in one Minting Hub from 1/32 of a share for the price of 100 Euro. Each purchased device is programmed for 18 years of operation and continuous mining of cryptocurrency for your benefit.

zeniq minting hubs
ZENIQ Blockchain – Types of Halving

There is a phenomenon of halving when minting new ZENIQ coins. It causes, as in the case of Bitcoin, to reduce the number of coins mined over time. In this case, however, halving is smoother and takes place in two ways.

zeniq halving

Time halving – ZENIQ Coin mining devices reduce their mining a bit each day. The pace of this decline corresponds to a cut in production by half during the year. Coin mining started with 100 ZENIQ Coins per day for each device in February 2020.

Sales halving – the ability of ZENIQ Coin mining equipment to decrease with the number of equipment sold. This means that the later we decide to buy a Minting Hub, the fewer coins it will extract throughout the entire period of its operation. The exact algorithm is as follows: The first 10,000 devices had 100% mining capacity. Then each subsequent 1000 devices reduces this ability by a certain percentage, which is:

  • 4% for device numbers from 10,001 to 50,000
  • 2% for device numbers from 50.001 to 100.000
  • 1% for device numbers from 100,001 to 150,000
  • 0.5% for device numbers from 150,001 to 200,000
  • e.t.c.

When the equipment is purchased today (October 21, 2022), its production capacity is  3.74% of the initial capacity (It means you need to -2 from that percent and you will get per day Zeniq coin like now 3.74-2=1.74 appx. Zeniq coin/day). My Minting Hub purchased in August 2021 currently extracts just over 16 Zeniq Coins per day.

The halving mechanism makes the timing of the decision to enter this project important. It also guarantees that the amount of cryptocurrency in circulation will increase slower and slower, and will even start to decrease over time thanks to deflation mechanisms such as the burning of coins. The planned maximum supply of ZENIQ coins is approx. 600 million.

ZENIQ Blockchain

The ZENIQ ecosystem has its own blockchain based on the Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency blockchain. However, it has several technological advantages over similar solutions.

First, it is compatible with other blockchains such as Ethereum, Tron, or Binance Smart Chain. It is also worth mentioning its TPS (Transactions Per Second) indicator. For the most famous blockchains such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, it is 5-10. Meanwhile, the Zeniq blockchain is capable of executing up to 50,000 transactions per second.

ZENIQ Blockchain is maintained by the physical devices Zeniq Hub and Minting Hub described earlier, which ensures adequate network dispersion. Other tokens may also work on the blockchain. Each masternode can be configured to handle other tokens and projects. ZENIQ is therefore a platform that allows other cryptocurrency projects to operate.


ZENIQ Blockchain also enables the so-called staking. It involves freezing funds on a wallet to support blockchain network operations, which is associated with receiving a reward at the end of the staking period. Staking can therefore be compared to a deposit in which we lock cryptocurrencies for some time to receive a certain interest.

Zeniq Smart Chain

In June 2022, the Zeniq Smart Chain was also officially opened. Thanks to it, programmers can already build their own applications and smart contracts on the Zeniq Blockchain.

Zeniq Smart Chain has a significant advantage over others due to its speed, scalability, and low transaction costs. So over time, more and more products, projects, and applications that use blockchain will appear. Remember that each transaction on the blockchain will burn a certain number of coins. This process supports the mechanism of deflation and increases the value of coins.

Zeniq and tokenization

The Zeniq Ecosystem is strongly focused on building a technological base for projects based on tokenization. This is a fairly new concept, so I’ll try to explain it in more detail.

Tokenization is the process by which sensitive data is replaced by a value called a token. The token can therefore contain rights to real goods or assets. Examples include real estate, works of art, company stocks, patents, closed group access rights, or voting rights. Tokens can be easily traded, making it easier to trade rights to real goods.

Thanks to tokenization, it also becomes much easier to finance new projects. Startups will no longer have to raise funds through complicated contracts with investors or going public. Instead, they can release a limited amount of tokens related in some way to their project and sell them for real cash. It is much simpler and cheaper for such companies.

In turn, the buyers of tokens may receive, for example, access to services of the company in the future, voting rights, or even some part of the company’s property. All these properties can be defined separately for each project. The basis for such systems is built by Zeniq. The company’s goal is to enable the tokenization of projects and quick trade in such assets.

In 2021, the value of the global tokenization market was estimated at $2.3 billion. It is forecast to reach $5.6 billion over the next 4 years. The World Economic Forum claims that in 2027 as much as 10% of global GDP will be stored in blockchain technology. Therefore, the tokenization market has enormous potential, and the Zeniq infrastructure fits perfectly into this trend.

The Zeniq App

Zeniq app
Zeniq App

Another product in the ecosystem is the Zeniq App, i.e. an application for smartphones. It is a decentralized wallet that you can install on your own device. It allows you to make cryptocurrency transactions in real time. In the future, there will also be the possibility of sending traditional currencies. The application can also be easily paired with the Zeniq Hub so that you can make transactions via your own Zeniq Hub using your mobile phone.

Zeniq Exchange

The project to be released in 2023 is the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Zeniq Exchange. When building it, the greatest emphasis is placed on data protection, security, and ease of use. The stock market will have all the popular standard currency pairs for digital trading.

zeniq exchange

The creators announced that the exchange will offer free transfers and the ability to connect the account with a traditional banking system through IBAN verification. The company ensures that the fees will be lower than in the case of regular exchanges, and by using Zeniq Coin you will be able to reduce the commission by 25%.

Additionally, 100% of the profit from commission fees will be burned, which will successively decrease the number of coins in circulation and increase their value. A new stablecoin called Euro Coin will also be introduced with real-time transactions and a fixed transaction fee of EUR 0.01.

The company’s goal is to be in the top ten largest stock exchanges in the world within 3 years of launching the project.

SAFIR – ZENIQ affiliate program

In addition to the standard way of earning money by mining the Zeniq Coin, you can also get additional income from the ZENIQ / SAFIR affiliate program. Safir is the exclusive distributor of Zeniq products and offers a related affiliate program. You can earn money by recommending products related to the Zeniq Ecosystem to new customers using your own affiliate link. Salaries are paid in Euro and are generated in 3 ways:

  • Uni-Level – For each purchase of a person recommended directly, you will receive 10% of the amount they spent on the purchase of products. From further recommendation levels, we can get from 7% to 0.5% of the generated sales amount.
  • Career levels – After reaching certain amounts of cumulative sales from our entire recommendation tree, you will receive a one-time bonus. An additional requirement for receiving it is a certain number of people in the first line of recommendation. The value of the bonuses is around 3-5% of the total amount generated from our recommendation tree.
  • Bonus pool – from the moment we generate 10,000 Euro of accumulated sales, we get access to shares in the bonus pool. Every month, it receives 10% of the global sales amount from the entire program. Then the pool is shared between all people who have access to it.

Details about the affiliate program can be found by clicking on the link: SAFIR – AFFILIATE PROGRAM

ZENIQ Blockchain – Projects in the ecosystem

As I mentioned, the project is designed to be a platform on which other cryptocurrency projects can be based. The Zeniq Blockchain is already used by many smaller projects, and two of them are worth additional attention.

AVINOC – The Future Of Aviation

The first major project to decide to move from Ethereum to ZENIQ is the AVINOC (Aviation Network Operation Chain) project.

The idea behind the project is to fill a gap in the private flight booking market. The creators’ ambition is to connect airline owners, aircraft owners, pilots, and other entities offering flights with people who need private air transport. The offer is addressed mainly to businessmen who want to easily find an appropriate and fast transport from A to B using aviation.

Ultimately, such flights are to be booked on a Booking.com style platform, where it will be possible to book charter, business, and private flights on the routes of their choice. The creators argue that it will be a project similar to Uber, but this time in the aviation industry.

Payments in the program are to be made using the AVINOC cryptocurrency, which is based on the Zeniq Blockchain. For people who are already in the Zeniq Ecosystem, it is possible to obtain long-term storage of the AVINOC cryptocurrency on attractive terms – with a return of up to 11% per year. If you are interested in this project, please see the information brochure – AVINOC STAKING BOOKLET.

TUPAN – Protection of forests in the Amazon

At the moment, the most interesting investment opportunity in the Zeniq Ecosystem is, in my opinion, the TUPAN project. It was created by Brazilians who are working to solve the ecological problems of their country and the whole world.

Tupan – Project description

Tupan is probably the only cryptocurrency project so far officially regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The creators of the Tupan project manage a fund for the afforestation and conservation of 369,000 hectares of rainforest in the Amazon. This fund (“ForestAu Green LLC”) is involved in the purchase of new land with an intact rainforest and the reforestation of degraded habitats. What is their business strategy?

Tupan and CO2 certificates

As you well know, the world economy negatively affects the state of the environment, which causes many problems. In order to limit them, the governments of many countries have introduced the so-called CO2 certificates. They have to be purchased by institutions that emit greenhouse gases. As a result, at least in theory, companies and polluting countries offset these losses by financing environmental restoration elsewhere in the world.

The sale of such certificates is handled by the aforementioned fund on which the TUPAN project is based. As consumption increases and the world becomes industrialized, CO2 certificates may become more expensive and less available. In 2019, the value of the global carbon credit market was $211.5 billion, and it is expected to reach as much as $2,407.8 billion in 2027.

The project will be associated with the TUPAN token, which is to symbolize one tree planted in the Amazon rainforest. Each token is to be assigned specific geographic coordinates of this tree. Profits from trading CO2 certificates, according to the authors of the project, will be allocated to the purchase of TUPAN tokens on exchanges (from the market), which should increase their value.

Apart from selling certificates, the project also has other sources of income. As the creators declare, ForestUa Green LLC is the owner of many patents and several local companies in the field of medicine, cosmetics, and agricultural productivity.

Tupan Minting – Investment opportunities

As mentioned before, Zeniq is a platform that other projects can run on. In the case of TUPAN, the Zeniq infrastructure will be used to mine new TUPAN (Tupan Minting) coins. They will be created in a similar way to the previously described Zeniq Coins. However, the TUPAN project is at an earlier stage of development than the Zeniq itself. Thanks to this, we now have the opportunity to buy the most efficient TUPAN masternodes, which in the case of Zeniq can only be dreamed of.

Tupan Minting is also subject to the principle of double halving – time and sale. In the case of TUPAN, each masternode from the activation date will gradually reduce the number of coins mined in such a way that after a year it will extract them by half as much. Additionally, Tupan Minting’s performance factor will be lowered with each masternode purchased at a rate of 1% for every 2,000 sales.

Currently, the presale of TUPAN masternodes, which have a promotional 110% of the total mining capacity, has been going on for over a month (this is reduced by 1% every week). Every Zeniq Hub or Minting Hub owner can purchase a full TUPAN masternode for 998 Euro and mine over 110 TUPAN coins per day. The official initial price of the TUPAN coin is set at $0.0369, but this can of course change very quickly. The maximum number of masternodes sold was set at 1.5 million, and the maximum supply 10 billion TUPAN tokens.

Zeniq Hub or Minting Hub owners can purchase as many TUPAN masternodes as they have Zeniq Hubs. This is because the TUPAN masternode must be physically configured on an already functioning Zeniq Hub. Until recently, other people could not buy TUPAN masternodes at all, but this changed in the second half of July. Currently, it is possible to purchase the masternode TUPAN and its partial shares at the following prices:

  • Tupan Masternode – 1298 Euro (for Zeniq Hub owners: 998 Euro)
  • 1/2 Tupan Masternode – 700 Euro
  • 1/4 Tupan Masternode – 400 Euro
  • 1/8 Tupan Masternode – 220 Euro
  • 1/16 Tupan Masternode – 135 Euro
  • 1/32 Tupan Masternode – 100 Euro

Tupan Minting and the coin mining process will start after the end of the presale, which should take place in August at the latest.

ZENIQ – How to start?

Registration at Safir.com

If you are interested in investing in the ZENIQ, TUPAN, or AVINOC project, you need to start by registering your account with the distributor of these products, i.e. at safir.com – you can do it by clicking the button below:

Fill out the form with your basic details and click the confirmation link in the email you will receive. After clicking, you can immediately log in to your account at safir.com.

When logging in for the first time, you will receive information that if you lose access to your account, the only way to recover it will be to verify your identity. However, to make it possible, you should first go through the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure. You can do it at this point or later. It is required to provide only such data as name, surname, nationality as well as the number and expiry date of the identity document. At the moment, there is no need to scan and send any documents.


To purchase any product, you should first make a deposit to your account. The easiest method is to fund your account with cryptocurrencies. To do this, go to the menu tab “Balance” and then “Deposit Crypto”. We can choose from BTC, BCH, ETH, EURO, and LTC. I recommend LTC (Litecoin) for the first deposit due to its popularity and low transfer costs.

Account deposit at Safir

After selecting the cryptocurrency, click the button to the right of “Get Litecoin Address” to get the address for depositing. After a while, in the place of the button, you will see a QR code and the address of the wallet to which you should transfer. In principle, you can send any amount. It will be automatically converted into Euro, added to your account, and visible at the top of the menu, just below your avatar. You can now use the deposited amount to purchase selected products.

Purchase of ZENIQ products

When you are determined to buy a product, go to the “Shop” tab and select “Blockchain Tech”.

Purchase of Minting Hub

Minting Hub is a processor that will mine the Zeniq Coin cryptocurrency for you. It will not be sent to you physically but will be located in the company’s centers. You can purchase one full hub (“Safir Minting Hub” option), the greater amount of hubs at a lower unit price (“Safir Minting Farm” option), or a partial share in one of the hubs (“Safir Minting Shares” option).

After selecting the appropriate option and the possible number of hubs/shares, click the “Buy” button, read the information and accept the required consent. At the time of purchase, you will have detailed information on the performance of your hub, in accordance with the principle of sales halving. As of today (October 21, 2022), this efficiency is 3.74%.

Purchase of TUPAN Minting Masternode

If you already own a full Zeniq Hub, you can choose to purchase a full TUPAN masternode for 998 Euro (“Tupan Minting Add-On” option). Otherwise, you are left with the “Tupan Minting Shares” or “Tupan Minting Node” option. Note the percentage given for your node – this will be the efficiency of your copy. After making your selection, click “Buy”, select the required consent and follow the instructions.

Project tracking

As in any business, it’s worth being switched on. The first place you should check after purchasing a Minting Hub is its address on the blockchain. To find it, click the “Zeniq” tab, then “Zeniq Hubs”. You will see a list of all purchased hubs along with information about their ID and the number of coins excavated.

If the hub is also configured for a Tupan Masternode, you will also see a Tupan icon next to the little Zeniq icon. On the right side, there is also the wallet address of this hub. After clicking it, you will be redirected to the Zeniq Block Explorer website, where you will see the overall earnings of your hub and the details of each calculation.

To always be up to date with the project, also add yourself to the official group on Telegram. If you have any other questions about the project, you can send me a message or join our telegram channel for all updates and team support – Click here


When I found out about the Zeniq project, I was moderately skeptical. Unfortunately, I made the decision to enter only after about 1.5 months – when, after entering the PancakeSwap stock exchange, the price of Zeniq Coin temporarily jumped to over $ 2, showing its potential. I hesitated for a long time whether to describe this project in detail on the blog because I had the feeling that the profitability of the investment is decreasing with each passing day. Want to know more about my strategy – Click here

For many months, I followed numerous project events without taking any action. I was more and more convinced that this is indeed a large project with considerable potential and a long-term strategy that is being consistently implemented. I really liked the sentence describing the TUPAN project before its launch: “We do not promise 5% profits every day, but we promise that we have real projects with real companies on a real blockchain”.

I am becoming more and more aware that this is definitely a long-term project and that it is not based solely on the value of Zeniq Coin. Being in the project, you have the opportunity to participate in interesting investment campaigns, such as the current one with the Tupan project. There is a good chance that there will be more and more similar actions (entering new projects on very good terms) and for this reason, it may be worth having a full Zeniq Hub.

Of course, all decisions are yours alone, and my task is only to present the project as honestly as possible and express my opinion. In this case, the project is quite extensive and it is difficult to present all the information in one article. Therefore, I am attaching a few useful links at the end:

Download all important links – CLICK HERE

If you have additional questions, please remember that you can always send me a message

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