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Know the advantage of Affiliate Marketing

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affiliate marketing
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Why 90% of Marketers are Fail?

Because of They are:

  • Always looking for FREE things
  • Afraid to LOSE
  • Lack of KNOWLEDGE
  • Invest in WRONG programs
  • Don’t have an effective STRATEGY
  • Don’t STICK with one program
  • Think it as a QUICK RICH SCHEME

What is affiliate marketing?

A question more individuals are asking as they find out about online business and entrepreneurship. The fact is that it is one of the most lucrative business models on the internet today. Many business owners and entrepreneurs leverage the power of affiliate marketing to generate thousands of dollars a month from their blogs.

How on earth do they do this and how does it all work?

Most people assume that making money online is usually related to the hype and hot air or some sort of shady pyramid scheme. The truth is, a few sinister individuals give the internet a bad image for online business. Yes, there are scams out there but the fact of the matter is, there are normal, everyday people making an absolute killing on the internet at the moment. Opportunity is ripe for online success in 2020 – the problem is that most people don’t even realize these opportunities exist.

Affiliate marketing is a business model that kicked off around 14 years ago when the e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay really started to establish themselves as authorities. People were able to become an affiliate for these e-commerce companies and promote their products. They would then make a commission for any sales the company made through them (hope that makes sense).

A basic answer to the question “what is affiliate marketing?” is a performance-based marketing model where a business rewards one or more affiliates for each customer brought to the company through the affiliate’s referral efforts.

How Does Affiliate marketing work?

affiliate marketing

The above definition should give you a basic idea of what affiliate marketing is and how it works.

Where are we with affiliate marketing in 2020?

Affiliate marketing has grown exponentially as an industry and shows no signs of slowing down. More companies are opting to provide affiliate promotion programs because it is a win-win situation for them. They can’t lose money because they only pay the affiliate for making sales, companies are quickly realizing that they can significantly increase revenue by providing an affiliate scheme that people can sign up to and start promoting their products.

What about aspiring entrepreneurs? Digital marketing ties into individuals looking to elevate themselves and become successful because it provides a platform that significantly reduces the traditional business obstacles such as cost, industry knowledge and time required to get started.

If you wanted to start a franchise business, for example, you would need to invest a significant amount of money to get started. Most franchises won’t see any profit within the first two years! Other businesses such as retail have limited earning potential and involve many overhead costs such as paying for stock and rent. Affiliate marketing does not have any of these costs so it is much easier for someone to learn the skills and go out there and start taking action. People have generated a fortune in a matter of months by empowering themselves with the skills and mindsets required for success on the internet in 2019.

Affiliate Commission Fees Structure of All BRANDS

Amazon 2-10% 5.5/10 No 4-5%
FlipKart 2-11% 4.5/10 No 3-4%
Ebay 3-12% 6.5/10 No 4-5%
Clickbank 25-70% 7.0/10 Yes 5-6%
25dollar1up 100% 9/10 Yes 8-10%

Top 5 Benefits of Affiliate Marketing Business

Let’s take a look at five of the most important benefits that affiliate marketing has to offer.

  1. You Don’t Need To Create A Product
  2. You Can Start With Little ($35) To No Money ($00)
  3. Work This Business From Home…Or The Beach!
  4. You Can Make Money While You Sleep (Passive income)
  5. There’s No Limit To How Much You Can Make

You Don’t Need To Create A Product

One of the biggest benefits of being an affiliate marketer is that you don’t need to create a product to sell. Your role as an affiliate marketer is quite simple. You choose a product from the thousands and thousands that are out there and sell it for the person who created it. Then, for every sale you make, you get a commission, usually somewhere between 50% and 75%, and even 100%. This is great because, not only do you not have to spend weeks and months creating a product, but you get to make money just for being the middle man between the customer and the merchant.

You Can Start With Little to No Money

Being able to start a business with little to no money is incredible. Where else can you find a business that you can start for so little that has the potential to return so much? This business can offer you unlimited earning potential (more on that later). Plus, the beauty of this business is that there are so many free tools on the internet that you can use to get going.

Work This Business From Home Or The Beach!

One of the things that attracted me to affiliate marketing is that you can work in the comfort of your own home. Truth be told, you can work this business from the beaches of the world as long as you have a good internet connection. But the ability to choose your own hours, to be your own boss, and to finally be rid of those endless commutes to and from work, these are just a few of the powerful reasons why working from home as an affiliate marketer is so appealing.

You Can Make Money While You Sleep

Another benefit of having an affiliate marketing business is that it continues to grow even while you’re asleep. Since this is a business that you build online, either through your own website or through a product sales page, your business never sleeps. As long as you spend a little time promoting your affiliate links through methods such as article writing, forum marketing or PPC (Pay-Per-Click) just to name a few, your links will get clicked on. The only thing you need to do is check your email when you wake up to see how much money you made.

There’s No Limit To How Much You Can Make

One of the greatest and most powerful aspects of having an affiliate marketing business is that you’re not tied down to any particular product. At any time you can change directions and begin promoting different products. For example, if you’re seeing that a particular niche is becoming popular, say golfing, you can immediately change gears and begin promoting golf products. In fact, you can get an affiliate link for a particular product, set up a Google AdWords campaign and start making money in ten minutes. That’s the unlimited earning potential of this business!

As you can see, affiliate marketing is a powerful business model that can offer you some truly great benefits. Whether it’s working from home (or the beach), the unlimited earning potential or the flexible hours that give you the freedom to actually live your life again, you can see why these and other benefits have made affiliate marketing a viable way for people to work from home.

Amazing Affiliate Product with 100% Commission + Passive income

Spending all-time Scrolling on Social Media. Why not get paid by doing it.

Hello Friends, I want to expand my Online Business team with people who really want to Learn & Earn some huge amount up to $1,000 – $2,000 per month or even MORE (Rs.70,000 – Rs.150,000 per month)

This is not an MLM / Chain Marketing business. It’s a pure Affiliate Business where you earn a commission of up to 100% on generating direct sales by directly in your bank account.

We will offer complete coaching and step by step steering to try and do this business with success.

After this training, you can start earning a minimum of 100 USD from every 1st week. The financial gain can continue to grow weekly as you may observe additional. Within 3 to 4 weeks you will be in the stage of earning 1,000 to 2,000 USD per month.

Please keep reading this post, it will take your only 20 min. That’s it. You can also watch the video below to understand the business plan in brief.

affiliate marketing

25 Dollar 1 Up compensation plan – Click here to watch video

What is 25 Dollar 1 Up & How it Works?

25 dollar 1Up (25D1Up) system is very easy to grasp, we tend to don’t would like a lot of web site pages to elucidate it. It’s designed to be SIMPLE! It’s not rocket science, no smoke-and-mirrors and it’ll track all the digital fog that’s running rampant everywhere the web. They have killer digital educational products and lots of them.

You want the SIMPLEST way to replace your income? Here is the way to do that.

They use the Reverse 1UP comp plan. You make 100% direct payment on the sales. Which means you get your product purchase back on your 1st sale. You then use the leverage of the pass au courant your second sale to accelerate your machine. Your third sale to time needs to pass up their second sale to you. Duplicate that together with your team and you all run to the bank. Don’t get Pine Tree State wrong. This can be a business however a business with a system like no different.

25D1up can be your own personal ATM.

They host your website and data forever for a one-time cost of $10.


Join the Gold level of $25 + $10= $35 and then Earn $25 on per sells or joining. All payments are one time, No recurring fee. There you go. That’s the comp plan. I told you it was dummy-proof. Anyone can realize it in sixty seconds or less.

There’s really not much else to tell you. I told you it was simple.




  1. Daily Income: you get paid multiple times a day (7 days a week).
  2. Instant Payment direct into your bank
  3. 100% Commission
  4. One time investment, No monthly charges
  5. Global Business
  6. Payment Method: PayPal, Stripe, Wallets, Google Pay, Western Union, Bitcoin or whatever you chose.
  7. The very low start-up cost
  8. Earn daily payments of 25 USD to 1000 USD per sales
  9. Step by step Training in the Back Office
  10. Automated System and Funnels
  11. Done for you Capture Pages, Landing pages, etc.
  12. Pre-written Added Copy
  13. Custom Team Training Room
  14. Promote Multiple Streams of income using done for you High Convertible MSI Funnel
  15. Digital Franchise Funnel
  16. Autoresponder
  17. WordPress Blog
  18. Add your own Sales Video
  19. Add your own Dashboard Video
  20. Work from Home or anywhere


Total Expenses to join the Business is only
$35 = $25 (For Gold Plan) + $10 Hosting Fee

*Get 20% off on the Gold plan for the first 3 members only so hurry!!!!

This is only One Time Investment. No Recurring Fee required.

Which One Do You Want to be:

what is affiliate marketing
  • Work 9-5 every day
  • Make someone else rich
  • Being stuck in an office for 40 years
what is affiliate marketing
  • Invest in Online Business
  • Make yourself rich
  • Work on a beach/home, anywhere you want
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5 Proven Steps to Generate Passive Online Income

Generating passive online income has become one of the most seek topics lately. It is getting more and more people who are looking for ways how they can generate extra income from the comfort of their home, by using the internet.

You don’t have to be an expert or a professional to earn an additional income by using the internet, everyone can do it. As long as you follow through the right steps and system, you will profit from it. Below are the 5 proven steps for how you can generate passive online income.

1. First, choose a hot market where the people in the market are ready and willing to spend to solve their problems. Once you have identified your market, try to narrow it down to lower the competition.

2. In order to generate a passive online income, you must find out what are the problems that people in your market are facing, and then provide the solution to them. Choose the right affiliate product that will work as the right solution to the problems and promote them to your market.

3. Build a website so that you can stay in contact with your market. You can use a blog for this if you don’t have any website creation skills. A blog is easy to build and easy to maintain.

4. Develop a relationship and trust with your market by providing quality content on your blog. Many people underestimate this and that is why they find it hard to generate passive online income. You have to create value for the people in your market, give them what they want and once they trusted you, it will easier for you to make sales.

5. Finally, generate targeted traffic to your blog. For instance, you can use article marketing, forum marketing, comment marketing, paid advertising, SEO and so on to drive traffic to your blog. The key to traffic generation is in taking consistent action every day.

These are the 5 proven steps for how you can generate passive online income. If you follow through these steps correctly, making a 4 figure income from the internet will not be a problem.

If you are serious about generating a passive online income, do this now. Join

“How to Earn a 6-Figure Side-Income Online”

and discover how you can generate a massive amount of instant cash the easy and lazy way and on complete autopilot!

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