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What is D.AI.SY./Daisy?

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DAISY AI refers – “Decentralized Artificial Intelligent SYstem (D.AI.SY). Which is an Equity Crowd Funding model for financial technologies. Based on a Decentralized Smart Contract Project, but It’s not a company. A model where everyone can win, with-huge Profits, Equity, and Gradually Income. And Contributors receive exclusive stock equity and profit rewards for the long term.

Migrating TRX to USDT-TRC20, How To Convert, Deposit, and Withdraw?

Click here – Migrating TRX to USDT-TRC20 | Re-Launch Daisy AI 2.0

What is DAISY AI?

Decentralized AI System being developed by Endotech. Daisy AI is the next generation of AI trading. It will significantly multiply the current AI performance. It is the 1st project capitalized by Daisy Crowd Fund. Daisy AI receives $10M for Development from the referral plan. And the target for a live Daisy AI trading account is $500M (Daisy Fund). It is Endotech’s path to becoming a public company soon.

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Daisy AI Overview in 10 Mins

Join Now Step By Step Process

Daisy AI Updated Full Presentation In English

Daisy AI का पूरा प्लान हिंदी में

Who is Endotech?

Endotech, the 1st technology partner for Daisy Crowd Fund, Currently It is providing AI trading systems for top Financial Institutions, and they have completed the roadmap of DAISY AI and be publicly traded in 2022. This is a Global Fintech company specializing in AI trading systems. It has a proven track record of high-performance results. EndoTech is Founded by Dr. Anna Becker, and operated by top AI Scientists. And It has headquartered in Israel.

EndoTech (founded in 2012) market-proven Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is the first cohesive and actionable set of crypto AI/ML techniques to service the blockchain investment market. EndoTech solutions are designed to scale with the increasing size of different crypto assets available for trading. As the number of coins continues to grow so will our ability to filter the noise of market activity and provide valuable data on all developments.

Who is Dr. Anna Becker?


She has deep-learning algorithms that manage over 1 Billion dollars of investment (AuM – Assets Under Management) and have been deployed in managing institutional monies for more than a decade. Her teams of AI scientists have more than 20 proprietaries of AI systems in operation and serve as the AI investing backbone of trading at more than 150 investment firms across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

At the age of 20, She found an approximation algorithm by a factor of two, which now has wide applications in operating systems, database systems, and VLSI chip design. She Worked with CME/CBOT, FCM’s, and other participants of the Futures and Commodities eco-system, to promote the algorithmic trading platform to retail and institutional clients.

She has done her Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence at Elite Technion University, Dr. Becker has founded and sold several AI companies in the FinTech space and is now the  Founder and CEO of Endotech. Her publications have been distributed in the leading AI financial circles across Europe and America, and her Machine Learning systems have been integrated into some of the world’s largest and most successful banks and funds worldwide including Dragon Holdings to MFGlobal.

Dr. Anna Becker appointed to DRC

daisy ai




Here are some results of AI Trading by Endotech.

daisy ai
*Past performance is not indicative of future performance, and is for informational use only.


daisy ai
*Past performance is not indicative of future performance, and is for informational use only.

Live trading by Endotech in Hindi

9 Types Of Income In Daisy AI


Let’s talk about all types of Income one by one:

Passive Income Without Recruitment (48 Hours Daisy AI Special Offer)

daisy ai


  1. In the FIRST 48 HOURS of your joining day, there are No referral conditions for spillovers and you can earn 3-4% BONUS of every pack purchase that spills below you in ALL 10 GENERATIONS!
  2. Just to give you some numbers:
    4% of $100 is $4. With the 3×10 matrix, that is essentially 88,000 people that can potentially
    fill your matrix. 88k x $4 = $350k just from spillover alone in the first 120 hrs. on a $100 pack purchase.
  3. PLEASE NOTE: A $350k on launch day IS NOT a guarantee for everyone. However, imagine just making 5% of that from our spillovers or even 10%!
  4. It is HIGHLY BENEFICIAL to be in a position to purchase the highest pack level to match your comfort level so you can get maximum spillovers!
  5. Getting a piece of this inevitable spillover and making some bonus money with no referrals will happen for members of DAISY AI!

Rewards For Contributors – All Types of Daisy AI INCOME

There are several type of rewards, they have reserved for contributors and this is an unique concept with variation of rewards which you have ever never seen.

1. Up to 10 Crowd Funding Tiers to choose from starting at just $100.

daisy ai

2. Every contributor gets their equal share of 5% Endotech stock.

As you can see in the above image, contributors will get an equal share of 5% Endotech stock. It means if you purchase a pack of $100 then get 1 stock. In $200, get 2 stocks. In $400, get 4 stocks and so on. Note: There is no value of these stocks right now but in the future, it might be a huge profit for you.

3. 50% to 70% of each contribution is used in trading for development.

Tier 1-7, there is an equal distribution of money which is 50%, goes to trade account and another 50% goes to daisy crowd.
Tier 8-10, there are 70%, goes to trade account and rest 30% goes to daisy crowd.

4. 70% of the trading profits are rewarded back to the contributor.

In many projects, you can see they assure to put money and get fix daily ROI like 1%, 2% or 5% and so on and they guarantee you that they are doing trading in back-office but after some time, you found yourself being scammed because there is no trading in the backside and they were just doing money rotation, here are the important things to know that real traders or trading never guarantee you for the fix ROI.

In DAISY AI, when they trade several times in a month like once, twice, thrice, or maybe more. Mostly they trade millions of money and get profit in millions so whenever they get profit they just distribute 70% of the profit. For example – They have 10 million of profit, so now 70% of profit means, 7 million are distributed to the contributors as their packages that profit can be 1%, 2%, 3% or more. This is called real trading and real commitment that there is no guaranteed. In Daisy AI, you can see live trading on your phone whenever they take trading or get profit.

daisy ai

5. 15% of the trading profit are rewarded to the residual referral plan.

From 15%, they are divided into two parts, one is 5% for direct/personal referral bonus and the rest 10% from matrix matching bonus of directly sponsored members, Qualification: your matrix bonus qualification level determines how many levels of matrix bonus from your personals you will match.

6. Contributors can withdraw trading rewards at anytime.

Yes, amazing part, that you can withdrawal your trading rewards at anytime even a small money without any condition.

7. All members are able to participate in the Daisy AI referral plan.

You are hardly welcome to participate in DAISY’s referral plan where you can earn more and more by just referring those people who need this project and want to earn a passive income.

8. Referral plan pays out up to 46% of each contribution.

daisy ai

Let’s talk about all the Referral Plan one by one.



daisy ai

In this matrix, the 1st level and 2nd level open for everyone who joins after the grace period (48 hours). but if you join within 48 hours then your 10 levels will be unlocked without any refer otherwise you need to refer from 3rd level 3 each to get all Matrix Income.


daisy ai

Referral Income is really amazing, here you will get 5% each refer instant income direct into your Tron wallet. You can refer unlimited people with any package.


daisy ai

Get another 10% Instant Matrix Bonus from your all directly sponsored members from up to 5 Generation or Levels. For example see above image.

daisy ai

Here is the important work for all leaders, you are gonna love that which is amazing part of this project. So understand these three more types of income because many people don’t understand easily. How it works and comes. One by one I am gonna make you understand. Pacesetter Bonus, Pacesetter Gold Bonus and Pacesetter Leadership Bonus.


daisy ai

1st Pacesetter Bonus (all matrix bonus you will get) For 1st and 2nd level you don’t need any referral for this bonus but from level 3rd,
Once you get 3 referrals and $1000 total direct referral funds, after joining the system (grace period first 30 days) then 4th level will be unlocked automatically for a lifetime, which means for getting 4th level income you don’t need 3 refers and $2000 referral funds as you can see in the above image.

If you get 3 more refers means there will be a total of 6 refers and you need $2000 direct referral funds, then the 5th level will be unlocked automatically for a lifetime means for getting 5th level income you don’t need 3 refers and $4000 referral funds.

If you get 3 more refers means there will be a total of 9 refers and you need $4000 direct referral funds, then the 6th level will be unlocked automatically for a lifetime means for getting 6th level income you don’t need 3 refers and $8000 referral funds.
and so on.
Note: This will be valid only for the first 30 days after your joining. And you need 3 refers for every level/generation. Total 24 refers from 3rd to 10th level.


daisy ai

2nd Pacesetter Gold Bonus: Guys this is gonna be a huge huge huge income, we have never seen anything like this income, but for this income, you need to give effort for 30 days after your joining date. Within 30 days, you need at least 24 direct refer and $128,000 total funded by referrals. After this, you become a Gold Pacesetter and get Gold Pacesetter income which is 1.8% of all crowdfunding worldwide (means every contributor from the worldwide, whether they purchase a pack or upgrade account) and 1.25% of all worldwide trading profit (means every contributor’s trading profit from the worldwide) and 5% of equity share of Endotech Stock.


daisy ai

3rd Pacesetter Leadership Bonus: Another the final Biggest Income of the Upfront Income. Here is no time limit, anytime you can complete this target, you need 3 qualified Gold Pacesetters from your direct referral. then you are eligible for Pacesetter Leadership Bonus. Means you can’t expect that how it’s gonna be huge huge huge income. Limitless Income, Get Additional 1.8% of every contribution worldwide (means every contributor from the worldwide, whether they purchase a pack or upgrade account) and 1.25% of all worldwide trading profit (means every contributor’s trading profit from the worldwide) and 5% of equity share of Endotech Stock.

daisy ai

Potentially up to 3.6% from Every Contribution Worldwide
Potentially up to 2.5% from Every Trading Profits Worldwide
10% Equity Share of Endotech Stock

are divided between all qualified PACESETTERS,

Note: These all income goes to the Back Office of D.A.SY., so you would have the one-click option of withdrawing it anytime without any restriction. Because after updating the contract, there is a new contract for a separate Pacesetter Bonus only.

The final Income of this awesome project that you have never seen in any project yet which is:

daisy ai

It means, every of your direct referral or refers referral withdraw their Trading Profit, you will get the instant commission in your Tron wallet, From 1st level – 3.5% and from 2nd to 10th level get 1%.

How To Join Daisy AI?

Step #1: Download Tronlink Pro or Token Pocket for Mobile Phone (Android/iOS) and Tronlink extension for Desktop/Laptop
Direct Download Link – Click to DownloadTronlink Pro (Android/iOS)
Direct Download Link – Click to DownloadTronlink Extension (Desktop/Laptop)

Step #2: Fund $100 of USDT-TRC20 or just fund enough amount of USDT according to packages. (Keep extra 150 Tron for every transaction) – How to Convert Tron into USDT-TRC20, Deposit, and Withdraw? – Click Here.
If you don’t have any crypto exchanger, then register yourself and create an account in any exchange given below as suitable for your country.
Direct Registration Link – Click to RegisterWazirX (India’s No. 1 Crypto Exchanger)
Direct Registration Link – Click to RegisterBinance (World’s No. 1 Crypto Exchanger)

Here is a list of sites where you can exchange cryptocurrency for Different CountriesClick to Download

Step #3: Now get the Sponsor Referral link of Daisy AI, if you don’t have any sponsor yet then you can use my referral link to Join Daisy AI –

Team Referral Link – https://daisy.global/r/rajeev009

Copy Above link and paste it in to DAPP browser in Downloaded Tron wallet.

Step #4: Now you can see the referred by “referrer name” and you need to choose a username. (Ex. daisyai123, rocky, christen958, etc.)
Note: Do not use any special characters (@#^&*$) and capital letters (ASTHRTNY) and space before, between, or after while typing username.

Step #5: Now click on “SIGN UP” and Confirm the Payment, Need 4 Confirmations to Complete register with Daisy.
First confirmation – approve
Second Confirmation – register
Third Confirmation – purchaseTier
Forth Confirmation – completeTierPurchase


Step #6: For Login: Type in DAPP browser “https://daisy.global/” Click on Automatic Login -> Confirm your wallet password.
Here you go – You can see the back office dashboard of Daisy.

Step #7: If you want to upgrade your account just select Tier 2 -> Confirm Payment and it will be activated.
You can upgrade all Tiers at a time but One by One.
Such as: Upgrade Account Tier 2 -> Tier 3 -> Tier 4 -> Tier 5 -> Tier 6 -> Tier 7 -> Tier 8 -> Tier 9 -> Tier 10

For Upgrading Tier 2 To Further Need 3 Confirmations
First Confirmation – approve
Second Confirmation – purchaseTier
Third Confirmation – completeTierPurchase

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